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The most complete realtime threat database in the telecom industry. Accurately validate phone numbers and stop fraudulent activity Supporting 239 countries and territories. Simple subscription model, ROI Guaranteed.

Latitude 48.2

Longitude 16.35

Location: Austria (AT)

City, State Vienna (Vienna)

Zip Code 1090

Language German (DE)

Calling Code +43

Time Zone CEST

Currency Euro (€)

International Format


type IPv4

Local format 6830


This NUMBER is safe. No threats have been detected.

IPRN detected? No

Dialer detected? No

Wangiri detected? No

Threat Level Low

Potential Threat Types


The Best Data in the Industry

We provide a fast & secure Number Intelligence API backed by accurate data of past and imminent Threats.

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Network & Location Data

Accurately validate phone numbers and stop fraudulent activity.

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Threat Intelligence

Check if a phone number is listed in any of 9.3+ Million Threat Database instantaneously.

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Real-time notification engine

Receive realtime fraud and abuse alerts for traffic originating & terminating on your numbering ranges.

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Number Validation API

Validate numbers with no CDR uploads, no upfront cost or investment.

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Fast & Secure Integration

Aimed at all types of fraud connected with international voice. It can work side-by-side with other existing solutions.

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Fresh & Accurate Data

We update our database from hundreds of data sources roughly every 5 minutes.

Your one-stop solution for Network and IPRN data

Network Intelligence doesn't stop at validating phone numbers. Here's how upCom customers use the API to prevent fraud efficiently.

Threats found
Threat: IPRN

About us

We provide affordable tools for any sized business to protect their communications against telecom and VoIP fraud.

upCOM Labs has developed the most complete real-time threat database in the telecom industry. We update our database from hundreds of data sources and make this data available thru our Number Intelligence API.

We provide real-time fraud protection to FMS providers, Telecom carriers, MVNO's and Developers by identifying suspicious and fraudulent numbers.

Our API can be setup in a matter of hours and is platform agnostic, it can be used on Softswitches, ERPs, FMS solutions or virtually any platform. We offer unsurpassed visibility and automation to protect today’s rapidly changing telecom environments against increasingly sophisticated threats.

By integrating our data businesses can protect themselves from current and emerging IRSF Fraud attacks and prevent losses from high exposure activities.

Track Record

The company members have been working in the Telecom and Cyber-Security industry for over 15 years.

Our commitment at upCOM is to deliver the highest standard of customer service, while providing a leading-edge fraud numbering database with real-time updated and the highest availability.

We are commited to be the most complete, flexible and effective IRSF Fraud prevention and detection tool in the industry. Our platform ingests, analizes and processes large quantities of data every minute, ensuring the highest fraud-protection and risk mitigation.

Consequently, we have the necessary knowledge to create, establish or provide ad hoc services or to be a permanent external team that fulfills your business needs on the IRSF Fraud field.

Customer Stories

Helping telecom fraud management teams break down big data.

Unleash the power of Number Intelligence

Protect your business by making use of more than 25 unique data points returned for each phone number looked up using the API.

Start today Get in touch with a Telecom Fraud Specialist

Security Features

With the fast adoption of voice over IP (VoIP) services, the number of vulnerabilities and threats to the voice network are also growing.

Attacks to a VoIP network can happen anywhere from within the underlying network, transport protocols, VoIP devices, applications, underlying operating systems, and more. It is important that you have the necessary security measures in place before you deploy a VoIP service.

upCOM ensures that your system resources are always available for traffic from legitimate sources - to legitimate destinations, while blocking or mitigating attacks from rogue sources and rogue destinations.

Monitored threats in our Database & Counting

Adapt strategy in the moment to minimize fraudulent calls and achieve your objectives.



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